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Jaime Gili of Venezuela has been called “one of the hottest global artists”. Gili made headlines recently when he won the “Art All Around” contest in Portland, Maine. His design to enliven an industrial area was selected from 560 entries from 73 countries received by the Maine Center for Creativity.

Designing Maine’s public art project came easy for Jaime Gili, who grew up in Caracas, a city full of art, ranging from sculpture and murals to graffiti. Gili explained, “I grew up in Venezuela seeing lots of urban art and and public commissions being made mostly by artists who were active in the ’50s and ’60s, the ’70s. There’s a lot of optical art in this tradition.”

Gili now lives and works in London, where he is a featured artist at the Riflemaker Gallery. In an homage to art and architecture in Caracas, he created “Ruta Rota”, a dislpay of colorful geometric shapes on a 1970s edifice in London’s Cheapside. Recently, he created works of art inspired by the multi-colored stickers sported by the motorcycle taxi drivers of Caracas.

Jaime Gili has also done several projects to help create ties between artists and art groups in Europe and Latin America. To watch a video of the artist explaining his work and see images of the project in Maine, click here. Also, check out his website.


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New York City has a big Venezuelan population – over 10,000 people – but it is a community that has lacked representation in the arts. Finally, the Modern Museum of Art is paying homage to the Venezuelan roots of modernism in the exhibit, “New Perspectives in Latin American Art, 1930–2006: Selections from a Decade of Acquisitions.” The exhibit features works (pictured here) by the Venezuelan painter Alejandro Otero (not to be confused with the former Mister Venezuela by the same name). Visitors can catch Otero’s eye-catching abstract collages at MOMA from November 21st to February 25th. Special gallery lectures are available on most Thursdays and Fridays.

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