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Dame Pa’ Matarla is a band based out of Yaracuy that is just starting to gain attention outside of their hometown. They have been frequently seen on the beaches near Chichiriviche, hawking CDs and performing for passersby. Now, they’re giving concerts in Caracas and all around Venezuela. And they have a blog!

We recommend the song, “Alzemos la voz en favor de la paz,” which means, “Let’s raise our voices for peace.” It is a social commentary with a positive message sung in perfect harmony. Watch the video below.


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Venezuela’s Caribbean coastline is known for beaches that are beautiful and pristine, but it isn’t always easy to keep them that way.

A battle to preserve Cayo Borracho in Morrocoy National Park has pitted the authorities against boaters who illegally bring tourists to the protected quay, which is home to several endangered species.

The National Parks Institute (Inparques) upped its enforcement of the ban on tourism in Cayo Borracho last week, and have already halted 150 boats. The head of Inparques, Jesús Alexander Cegarra, told the press that constitutional law in Venezuela bars access to Cayo Borracho except for scientific purposes.

Researchers say that Cayo Borracho provides an essential habitat for many endangered species, including sea turtles, marine birds, and crocodiles. These creatures cannot compete for space with tourists. But as it turns out, humans have options: Morrocoy National Park boasts thirteen other amazing beaches that allow access to visitors.

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