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Caracas is full of clowns. And acrobats. And jugglers. Yesterday marked the start of the ninth annual International Circus Festival of Venezuela.

According to TeleSur, it includes performances by artists from Chile, Mexico, Peru, Spain, and Italy, as well as seven different groups of performers from Venezuela. The event runs until Sunday and includes free shows for the public.

A series of workshops and discussions will also be held at the festival to gather ideas for how to improve the circus arts in Venezuela. We have written before about an initiative to create a national circus. It seems that plans are continuing, and with any luck, the country will soon be defying the laws of gravity as never before.


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Dame Pa’ Matarla is a band based out of Yaracuy that is just starting to gain attention outside of their hometown. They have been frequently seen on the beaches near Chichiriviche, hawking CDs and performing for passersby. Now, they’re giving concerts in Caracas and all around Venezuela. And they have a blog!

We recommend the song, “Alzemos la voz en favor de la paz,” which means, “Let’s raise our voices for peace.” It is a social commentary with a positive message sung in perfect harmony. Watch the video below.

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ind menVenezuela’s new Minister of Telecommunications, Socorro Hernández, pledged to support the expansion of an innovative project that is putting Indigenous-produced content onto public radio in Venezuela. The Bolivarian News Agency (ABN) reports today that Hernández responded to a request for assistance from The Ministry of Indigenous Affairs, which is headed by Nicia Maldonado. The program in question is a co-project with Venezuelan National Radio (RNV).

Indigenous groups in six towns across the country have already begun to participate by creating and producing content that is broadcast locally in their native tongues. Infrastructure from the Telecommunications Ministry will help grant three more communities access to the airwaves.

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