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Disney’s animated movie “Up!”, featuring the striking landscapes of southeastern Venezuela, has opened in many theaters around the U.S. In an interview to the Associated Press, the film’s director and story supervisor discussed the trip they took to Angel Falls and the tepuis (a table-top mountain) of Venezuela and Brazil during the making of the film. They described it as “the most magnificent trip that most of us would take in our lifetime” and called on tourists to be “respectful of the locations” and not “ruin them ’cause they are really beautiful places.” Watch the trailer featuring Angel Falls below.


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Coca Cola ZeroWell, looks like Venezuela has done what many consumer advocacy groups and medical experts have been hoping the US would do for some time.

One of the many diet soft drinks known to contain potentially carcinogenic ingredients like aspartame and acesulfame potassium has been taken off of Venezuelan store shelves and will no longer be available for purchase. It’s a start health experts say.

Yesterday, the Venezuelan Health Ministry made the announcement that “Coke Zero” would not be sold while health authorities investigate its ingredients for potentially unsafe substances.

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